danceShala - About Us
dance Shala - School of Dance and Music
Our company is based on the belief that the dance and music, be it vocal or instrumental, not just enhances physical and intellectual development but it also provides a lifelong gift of creativity and enjoyment.
Our instructors are professionals in their respective fields with a dedication to share and teach their knowledge to the truly enthusiastic learners of all ages.
Our students will have an opportunity to showcase their individual skills and talents at the annual recital held by us, named as 'Rhythm of Roots'.

Our past performances by the students include the following.

  • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2018
  • Carassauga 2018
  • Toronto International Youth Dance Festival 2017
  • Carassauga 2017
  • Harlem Globetrotters Basketball Pre-Game 2017
  • Mississauga Waterfront Festival 2016
  • Carassauga 2016
  • Carabram 2015
  • Brampton A's Basketball Half-Time 2015
  • Child Haven Fundraiser 2015
  • Carabram 2014
  • Community Festival - Diwali 2013
  • Community Festival - Holi 2013
Come and experience the profound pleasure of learning the most creative form of enjoyment

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