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Welcome 2020!
Goodbye 2018!
danceShala - Carabram Performance - July 12, 2014
danceShala - Rhythm of Roots - Dec 15, 2013
danceShala - Bharatanatyam Performance - Nov 16, 2013


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Welcome 2020!

One more year gone and another one approaching....Excited about what new possibilities will 2020 bring!  We added Hiphop in 2019 and New Year will have another new class of Contemporary dance.  danceShala is constantly growing and evolving every year.

dance is an expression of the inner soul.  We are happy to be spreading the extreme joy in the lives of our students.  Here is a reflection of that in the pictures from our last Recital...

danceShala begins classes in Violin

On April 27, 2013 , #danceShala started lessons in Carnatic Violin on Saturdays.  The teacher is a faculty member of RCM.  The classes are available as group lessons as well as private lessons.

danceShala begins classes in Santoor

With great pride, #danceShala becomes the first school to offer Santoor lessons in Canada.  The classes are held on Tuesday evenings and the instructor is a disciple of
Pt. Shivkumar Sharma himself.  What an amazing instrument!

danceShala begins classes in Kathak

#danceShala started its first Kathak class on Saturday, Feb 9, 2013.  It's an amazing form of dance that provides enrichment to the soul.  The instructor is so poised and graceful, and beyond any praise!
The regular class time is on Saturdays 10 to 11. 

danceShala begins classes in Bharatanatyam

#danceShala started its first Bharatanatyam dance class on Monday, Jan 14, 2013.  The instructor is an amazing dancer herself and was able to connect with the kids in no time.

danceShala kick-off event on Jan 13, 2013

#danceShala kick off event on Jan 13 was a great success!  The turn out was much larger than we had expected.  Thank you all for coming and sharing this important event with us!  There were performances on Classical Singing, Tabla, Kathak and Bharatanatyam.  Everyone who came for the Bollywood trial class signed up. 
Enjoy a few glimpses of this wonderful beginning!

danceShala begins classes in Bollywood Dance and Classical Singing

#danceShala starts it first classes in Bollywood Dance and Classical Singing on Jan 13, 2013.  Everyone is welcome to come for a free trial lesson.  It'll be a fun event!  See you there!

Launching danceShala

#danceShala is launched today! Accepting registration now...classes begin in Jan '13.